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By Richard Unciano, 1988

Richard Unciano


Bučimiš, pronounced "BOO-chee-mish," in 15/16 meter with MM * = 386 or a tempo of slightly faster than moderate to fast and a rhythm pattern of quick-quick-quick-quick-slow-quick-quick (QQQQSQQ or 2+2+2+2+3+2+2 = 15). It is from Pazardžik county, region of Thrace, central Bulgaria, and is done in an open circle with a front belt-hold (grasping neighbors' belts with right arm under neighbor's left) called "lesa na poyas." Usually, the men are at both ends and the women are in the middle. Accompaniment varies from a solo gaida or bagpipe to a full folk band.

The dance figure or pattern moves only right and left, or side to side, and in place. The basic figure and most variations are two measures of music long. Only three variations take four measures. Styling is flat-footed, low to the ground, and small-stepped with a constant jiggle or bounce, which is really a quick knee flex.

I observed and learned Bučimiš during the second of three trips to Bulgaria, and have taken additional information from "Terminologiya na Bulgasrskata Horeografiya," 1960, and "Teoriya za Stroezha na Dvižemiyata v Bulgarskata Narodna Horeografiya," 1964.


Meter: The grouping in which a succession of rhythmic pulses or beats is organized into regular patterns in time, notated as measures, and indicated by a meter signature at the beginning of a work. For example, 15/16.

Rhythm: The controlled movement of sounds and silences across time; the temporal quality of sound. For example, quick-quick-quick-quick-slow-quick-quick (QQQQSQQ or 2-2-2-2-3-2-2).

From Folk Dance Scene, December, 1988, Page 3.
Used with permission of the author.