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Dancing in Your Heart
By Lou Pechi


Lou Pechi logo Dancing doesn't start in your head. It starts in your heart.

Have you ever found yourself leading a line and unable to not only recognize the song but unable to remember the steps?

When I am in the middle of the line I often wonder why someone else jumps to the head of the line, when they do not have a clue of the dance we are doing and sometimes, when I end up leading the line, the same thing happens to me.

This mental malady must be called BLS or Beginning of Line Syndrome. The location of the surroundings of the brain has something to with it. When you are in line, your neighbor's brainwaves from your left and right side of you, even when your own brain is not functioning at full capacity, send out the step information to you.

However, when you are at the head of the line, your right brain must face the empty space ahead of the line and does not get such assistance. Ergo, you cannot remember the steps.

I know that there are many of you who do not depend on such mental crutches, and can start a dance even if awakened from deep sleep. I am sure many more depend on you and when stuck at the head of the line franticly look for you in the room to grab your left hand and have you lead the dance.

I also noticed that sometimes this does not happen to me. Not only am I able to start the dance instantly but I am ready as soon as the first bars of the song start playing.

What is different?

I found out that these are the dances I really like and dance without even thinking about the steps. The whole dance is stored not in my brain but in my heart. I do not have to think which of my two left feet comes first and which one follows. The dance just flows naturally and I just simply float to the music.

So, let the "instant coffee" dancers start all the other dances, you lead your "real coffee" dances that you like best.

As appearing in "Dancing with Two Left Feet (51)," Folk Dance Scene.
Used with permission of the author.