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Stockton Folk Dance Camp

By Dick Oakes


Website: http://www.folkdancecamp.org/.

Federation North logo Founded in 1948 by Lawton Harris in collaboration with a number of other key volunteers, Stockton Folk Dance Camp (originally the University of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp) has been a major promoter of international folk dance and continues into the present.

It was envisioned by the founders as not only a healthy way to socialize, but also a valuable way to learn about international cultures.

From the beginning, Stockton Folk Dance Camp has taken place on the campus of the University of the Pacific.

Stockton Folk Dance camp has featured guests from around the world who come to the University of the Pacific in Stockton California each summer to share traditional dances and music.

Students and long-time international dance enthusiasts of all ages come to learn and preserve folkloric dances and music, as well as to hone their world dance and music skills.