Leng and Yigal Asayag Tan


Israeli, Middle Eastern

Leng Asayag and Yigal Asag Tan


Yigal Asayag Tan has been dancing for many years. He is a quick study and has excelled to a level where he enjoys being a leader and instructor at his sessions with Leng.

Yigal wants to impress upon everyone that Israeli dancing is no longer the typical "Hora" that is being done at Jewish weddings. Rather, Israeli dancing has evolved and now encompasses many other styles and steps. The new more modern Israeli dancing includes Latin ballroom dance steps such as "cha cha," "merengue," "tango," and the "paso doble."

At one point in his life, he used to dance four times a week. It's quite possible to get the "bug" and want to dance more than once a week. We can say he was a "danceoholic!"

Yigal did not dance at all while he was in Israel. It was here, in the United States, that he tried his hand (or his feet) at dancing. Much of this credit goes to his sisters.

Yigal loves drumming on his darbouka while his students are dancing. He is just as passionate about perfecting his techniques with drumming as he is with dancing. The sound of live drumming at our sessions definitely adds another element of excitement and fun.

Leng Asayag Tan has been dancing for many years and teaching for almost that long. She started with International dancing (Greek, Macedonian, Turkish, Israeli, Balkan, Scottish), but has always favored Israeli dancing. She embraces Israeli music and melodies. and especially enjoys the challenge of debka style dances -- a much more difficult style of dance.

Leng feels that Israeli dancing is wonderful exercise, for the body, mind and soul. She truly looks forward to their sessions where she and Yigal can enjoy the challenge of programming and teaching a variety of dances.

As of May 2010, Leng became licensed to teach Zumba. At her Zumba classes, Leng likes to incorporate fun Israeli line dances.

Leng and Yigal are pleased to be able to share their love of Israeli dancing with the community. In addition to starting their own sessions, they have volunteered their time to teach and demonstrate Israeli dancing at various temples and organizations in Fairfield and Westchester counties.

They are pleased to bring additional morning and evening sessions to accommodate those who wish to dance during the day and during the evenings.

Leng and Yigal also teach Israeli dancing at Solomon Schecter High in Hartsdale, New York. Their students enjoy a variety of fun line and circle dances!

They are leading Israeli dancing at special events, such as Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. In addition, they offer private lessons for circle, line, and partner dancing. They offer a fun, warm, and friendly environment in which you can learn and dance.

Dances Yigal and Leng have taught include Ashrei Ha'ish, Ba La, Bo'u Nashir Le Eretz Yaffa, Eretz Eretz, Ha'Tzfarde'a Ha'Meshuga'at, Hamentezet, Hine Ma Tov, Hora Medura, Israeli Mazurka, Kan Badarom, Laner V'libsamin, Lo Ahavti Di, Mayim Mayim, Neshikat Turkit, Seret Hodi, Tizaher Mimena, Tzadik Katamar, Yo Ya, and Zemer Atik.