Wim Bekooy


Dutch, Balkan
Dutch, Balkan, international

Wim Bekooy


Wim Bekooy has studied dance in the Balkans on six separate study tours, as well as in Holland.

He studied at Rotterdamse Dansacademie and, in 1988, received a diploma in dance from Landelijk Centrum Amateurdans (Utrecht) with an emphasis on folk dance, folk lore, and teaching dance.

Wim is currently on sabbatical as director of the Plesjati folk dance group in Alphen aan de Rijn. He also is director of Nitsanim, an international peforming group based in The Hague.

In 1990, Wim received an award to develop and stage his choreography of a suite of dances based on his studies of Dutch song and dance.

In the summer of 1992, he choreographed and performed traditional Dutch dances at Nagasaki Holland Village in Japan.

In 1997, his staging of a suite of Dutch dances received "Best Choreography" at the Zywiec International Folk Dance Festival in Poland.

Since 1989, Wim has done occasional dance workshops while visiting the United States.

Dances Wim has taught include Agchanka Jerazanka, Baonopstecker, Dasme e Rexhes, Hakke-Toone, Halay, Hongaarse Mazurka, Iya no Kohikibushi, Jenny Lind Polka, Joc din Perechi din Negresti, Katerinka, Kopanica, Lian Hua, Podrimsko Oro, Solunski Čoček, Staro Davny, Tai Tai, Trekzak, Tsatsal, Valle Kosovare, Vleegerd, Yaylalar, and Yswals.