Ami Dalyot



Ami Dalyot


Ami Dalyot was fully certified from Israel as a professional Israeli folk dance instructor. He had years of experience both in the States and abroad. He enjoyed the oldies (pre-80's mostly) that brought back the excitement of pioneer spirit and true meaning of the word "folk."

Ami was born in Morocco and immigrated at the age of 12 to Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Israel (north of Haifa). At the kibbutz, he began his love for music, singing, folk dancing, and Israeli culture. At an early age, Ami learned to play the "halil" (Israeli flute).

After high school, Ami completed his duty service of the Israeli Armed Forces. He then began his education at Nahalal Teachers' Seminar in Israel as an elementary school teacher and later taught Hebrew language and culture to the many immigrant pupils both children and adults. He especially loved learning and teaching Bible history.

Ami was also professionally trained in Israeli Folk Dancing, having completed the intensive instructor's two-year program at the Ulpan Madrichim l'Rikuday Am in Israel. There, he studied with and was influenced by many of the original Israeli folk dance choreographers.

In 1971, Ami decided to make a life change and moved to Los Angeles, California. He continued his Jewish studies at the University of Judaism. He taught both Israeli folk dancing and Hebrew language on and off over the years, both in Southern and Northern California.

Hebrew and folk dancing were in Ami's heart and soul. He especially loved the vintage/nostalgia styles of dances. Likewise, he came to realize his passion and love for Biblical Classical Hebrew. He grew up speaking Moroccan Arabic which allowed him to correctly pronounce Biblical Hebrew, not an easy task for many.

Ami taught Biblical Hebrew at a local language school. Folks attending his class learned more than the language. An added plus, Ami's extensive knowledge of Judaism, religion, history, and the Bible were easily evident.

Ami also taught Modern Conversational Hebrew upon request.

Ami lived and taught in San Diego, California. He died on October 29, 2014 from complications due to the West Nile virus. He was 71 years old and left a wife and 3 daughters.