Rosina Didyk


Hungarian, Moldavian

Rosina Didyk


Rosina Didyk came from a folk dance family and danced from the time she was four. Since then, she has trained in many forms of ethnic dance as well as ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. She also performed internationally with the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble, as a principal dancer with Kárpátok Hungarian Folk Ensemble and, more recently, as dance director, dancer, teacher, choreographer, and artistic director for the famed AMAN Folk Ensemble until its closing in 2004. Rosina has choreographed for Collage Dance Ensemble in Massachusetts, as well as other performing groups.

Rosina has been an "Artist in Residence" at venues in the Los Angeles, California, area, including Dance Arts Academy, and schools, such as Mariposa. she has taught and performed in schools, colleges, senior centers, and libraries in thirty states. Rosina has toured independently in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey and Macedonia.

Rosina was born into a house where music from all over the world was playing on a constant basis. Starting at about four years old, her parents would bring her along to their recreational folk dance group, where people were getting together to enjoy dances from different places, mostly Eastern Europe. She was the tiny person tagging along at the ends of the lines with a huge smile on her face. Later, she studied gymnastics, ballet, jazz dance, modern, tap, and anything else she could get access to. But, she was always drawn back to those rhythms from places like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, North Africa, Ireland, and even the Appalachian Mountains of the United States.

Something about the music just made her want to move and she has been moving to all those rhythms ever since! In the course of her career she has performed as a soloist for the AMAN Folk Ensemble, Karpatok Hungarian Folk Ensemble, Viviane's Egyptian Dance Theater, toured internationally with the Brigham Young University Folk Ensemble, and toured internationally with Collage Dance of Boston.

Rosina has toured independently, as well, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, and Macedonia.

Rosina has assisted István "Kovacs" Szabó, teaching at folk dance camps and workshops.