Drew Herzig


Scandinavian, Balkan, international

Drew Herzig


Drew Herzig was born in Pasadena, California, and spent most of his life in northern California, in the Sacramento area. Drew co-directed the performance group Maika Zamja in Sacramento with René Besné. He taught Serbian and Bulgarian dances at Sacramento's California Statewide Folk Dance Festival in 1984 and was the was the teacher of Kolo Koalition, a group in Sacramento.

He enjoyed the rich cultural diversity of Sacramento, and was heavily involved with the Japanese-American community, learning, teaching, and performing their traditional folk dances (minyo). Later, he moved to New Mexico, where he taught folk dancing at Saint John's College in Santa Fe.

Drew and his partner, the artist Charles Schweigert, moved to Astoria, Oregon in the summer of 2009. Since then, Drew has been involved with the Lower Columbia Diversity Project, PFLAG Oregon North Coast, The Clatsop County Cultural Coalition, ENCORE (Exploring New Concepts of Retirement Education), Loaves and Fishes Meals for Seniors, the Columbia River Symphony, and Astoria Visual Arts, as well as teaching classes in international and Scandinavian folk dance.

Dances Drew has taught include Čačansko Kokonješte, La Furlana, Laccio d'Amore, Neda Voda Nalivala, Pasarelska, and Trojanac.