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Anthony Ivancich 1961 Anthony Ivancich has been dancing, performing, and teaching in the Los Angeles, California, area for many years. In his senior year at Hollywood High School, he became a performer with the Gandy Dancers and, in 1960, when the Westwind International Folk Ensemble was formed, he danced with them, eventually becoming a co-director.

Anthony completed course work for Dance Ethnology in the UCLA graduate program and did researchf in Macedonia and Spain. He recently continued his research of Spanish dance.

Anthony Ivancich In the late 1960s in Los Angeles, California, Anthony directed The Team, a Scottish Country Dance demonstration group that had been taught by C. Stewart Smith (who communted on weekends from his home in San Francisco), and some of whose members were David and Lois Brandon, Ruth Garber, Nitche Graham, John and Susan Tiffany, Larry White, and Vickie White. The Team performed primarily for Folk Dance Festivals.

Anthony was one of four men who started the Hungarian performing group, Betyárok, along with Don Green, Dick Oakes, and John Tiffany. The group later came under the direction of Elsie Ivancich Dunin, Anthony's sister. His most recent endeavor is a professional Spanish company, Maruja Vargas y Compania del Oro.

He taught courses in dance ethnology, dance notation, and modern dance at several universities in California, and for many folk dance workshops throughout the West Coast.

For many years he has studied Country and Western dance forms and is currently writing the music for a ballet of the dances and music of the second half of the 19th century called "Uncle Joe's Boots."

Anthony currently gives integrative massage, massage therapy, reflexology, and Swedish massage as well as chair massage at folk dance gatherings.

Anthony has produced some fine recordings of dance music which are available from your local folk dance recording outlet or directly from Anthony himself:

Dances Anthony has taught include Bagi Páros, Baztan-Dantza, Benguet, Bolero de Caspe, Folias, Gencsi Verbunk, Ifugao, Imotz Ibarreko Esku Dantza, Jaurieta, Jautziak, Lakodalmi Tánc, Ličko Kolo, Malaguena a lo Canario, Quita y Pon, Széki-Lassú, Tanganillo Santa Domingo y Tajaraste, and Txakolin.

Anthony Ivancich stirring Paea - photo by Dick Goss

Anthony stirring Paea - 2009