Jennifer Kelly



Jennifer Kelly


Jennifer Kelly grew up in southern England where she began dancing at a very early age. Her first Scottish dance teacher was Innes Russell, who was a member of the International Performing Team and the famous 51st Highland Division. She has a ballet background.

In 1966, Jennifer and her husband John moved to California and started the San Jose Scottish Country Dance class, which continues today. They also formed the well-known performance group The Red Thistle Dancers which celebrated its 30th year in 2007. Jennifer is the artistic director.

Jennifer has been a guest teacher at many workshops and master class seminars, both international folk and Scottish, up and down the West Coast. She also did the voice-over explanation of the steps and formations of "Scottish Country Dancing with the Red Thistle Dancers, Part I" and "Part II." Jennifer enjoys working with folk dancers and is a popular choice when Scottish dancing is on the menu at the Stockton International Fold Dance camp. She was one of the distinguished complement of teachers assembled for the 60th Annual Camp.

She and John produced a CD titled "The March Hare - Twelve Scottish Country Dances in Strict Tempo."

Dances Jennifer has taught include Anna's Wedding Cake, Bedrule, Bill Little's Strathspey, Culla Bay, Drumelzier, EH3 7AF, Follow Me Home, Lady Wynd, Lang Frae Glasgow, Luckenbooth Brooch, Meeting and Greeting, Monterey Mixer, New Caledonia Jig, O' Wha's at the Window, Pelorus Jack, Seven-Step Polka, Shiftin' Bobbins, Sparkling Sixty, Talisker, The Bramble Circle, The Breakdown, The Highlandman's Umbrella, The Peat Fire Flame, The Reel of the 51st Division, The Royal Wedding, The Scallywag, Twelve Coates Crescent, Welcome to Stockton, and Whigmaleeries.