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Nikola Krčadinac was born in Pančevo, Serbia in 1958. His background in Serbian folk dancing began in 1972 when he started with the local Pančevo ensemble, KUD-a (Cultural-Artistic Society), Stanko Paunovič - Železničar.

In 1973 Nikola joined ensemble KUD Abraševič Pančevod under the direction of the famous choreographer, Dobrivoje Putnik (who held the title of Artistic Director of Ensemble KOLO from 1948 to 1965). Nikola had the pleasure of learning dances Mr. Putnik taught such as Bunjevačko Kolo, Cigančica, Bačko Kolo, Sremsko Kolo, Popovičanka, Pošla Rumena, Šaranac, Gradske Igre, Stara Vlainja, and Treskavac, as well as many other choreographed suites from various regions of Yugoslavia and the Balkans.

In 1984, Nikola relocated to Novi Sad, Serbia and joined the AKUD Sonja Markinović Academic Ensemble which was established at the University of Novi Sad in 1962. At that time, the folk ensemble was under the direction of Milan Ognjanović (Badža) and Milorad Lonić (Lonče). In his extensive dancing career, Nikola took part at many renowned International festivals and visited many countries throughout Europe, Africak and Asia Minor.

Nikola, Dusan, and Jovan Krcadinac 2009 Upon his arrival in the United States in 1991, Nikola began teaching at Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church on Palmer Square in Chicago, Illinois. He has been Director of Folk Dancing at this parish since then for several groups ranging from ages four to adult. Nikola also taught a number of children's groups at The Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on Redwood Drive in Chicago and at St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Nikola’s success and knowledge has enabled him to share his love and understanding of Serbian folk dances and customs at places like the Annual Kolo Festival in San Francisco created by John Filcich, Mendocino Balkan Camp, and at various Tamburitza Extravaganzas in past years.

Currently, Nikola teaches four children's dance groups at Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church named SOKO, as well as an adult group named SLOBODA also located in Chicago which he and his wife founded in 2000 for any adult wishing to continue on with their folk dancing or for the first time learner.

Nikola lives in Willowbrook, Illinois with his wife Christine, their two teenage sons, Dušan and Jovan, and his mother Vukosava. Both sons play tambura instruments and dance in the SOKO group. In fact, they along with Christine, give Nikola support in his teaching whenever possible, as they all have a strong love of their heritage.

Dances Nikola has taught include Čačak, Cigančica, Čizme Moje Škripuću (Banat region), Djurdjevka, Gajdaško kolo, Jovica, Kačerac, Kato mi kato, Keleruj, Kolo na jednu stranu, Koso moja, Logovac, Madjarac, Malo kolo, Nebesko, Niška Banja, Oj stari starče, Pinosavka, Prolomčica, Romunka, Rukavice (Banat region), Šantavi madjarac, Sedi Čiro, Sitno banatsko, Sremsko kolo, Stara Šapčanka, Staroselsko, Svrljig, Taj taj tandrčak, Trojanac, U šest, Veliko Banatsko (Subotica region), and Zurka.