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Dancers Three in Color

International Dancing is for Everybody!

International dancers come in assorted shapes, heritages, sizes, and occupations –from cooks and teachers to bus drivers, elementary school children, even great-grandmas and grandpas.

Dances vary in difficulty from simple walking steps to the most intricate of floor patterns. Singles are delighted to find that there are many "line dances" that don't require partners. Couples enjoy learning new steps together.

Best of all, international dancing is fun and sociable – and great exercise.

International dancing today is a major recreational activity that is shared with millions of people around the world.

How Did It All Begin?

Since the very beginning, people have been dancing – in the fields, in the home, in the courts of royalty, in the churches – just about everywhere.

Wherever people felt the need to express themselves in rhythmic movement, there was international dance . . . the sheer joy of getting up and moving to song and music.

Within the last few generations the United States has become a repository of the world's international culture and dances.

More than thirty groups in nearly the same number of cities are Federation, South member clubs. So there is surely one close to you! Check out the Federation website (www.socalfolkdance.org) for more information about a club near you.

Several festivals are held throughout the year in California, as well as camps, workshops, and seminars.

Teachers, lecturers, clubs, and individuals are listed in the Federation, South directory.

Scene, the official publication of the Federation, South, is published to educate its readers concerning the international dance, music, costume, customs, lore, and culture of the peoples of the world.

Performing groups, both Federation and non-Federation, exhibit the dances of dozens and dozens of the countries of the world at events throughout California and the United States.

Benefits of Membership

The Federation, South

is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment of international dancing and related arts – and to the promotion of a spirit of friendship.

The Federation, South has member clubs from Santa Maria to the Mexican border. Activities include:

For information about a club near you,
see the Clubs section of the
Federation, South website (www.socalfolkdance.org).