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Camp Songs
Compiled by Dick Oakes

Santa Barbara, 1962

Once in a while, for party time at a folk dance camp, someone will replace the English-sounding syllables in an ethnic song
(as here in Ciuleandra) or make up words to popular tunes (such as Costume Parade).

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Costume Parade
     From the 1962 Santa Barbara Folk Dance Conference by Dick Oakes
     To the tune "Easter Parade"

By the seam, by the seam, by the 5/8-inch seam,
What a dream, what a dream, what a bright color scheme.
As the evening comes rolling in, you must wear a grin,
Even though the whole thing's not quite finished.
Over, and under, and slant it a shade,
In and out, 'round about,
There! A cross-stitch is made!
I want to be beside, the girl beside, the girl who has
The "Singer" with the beautiful seam!
In your Russian bodice, your really look the oddest,
But you're the grandest lady in this Costume Parade.
All will gaze in wonder at darts and seams that under
Your hand-made muslin cummerbund are perfectly made.
(Guys) Doing the Čačak. (Gals) La, la, la, la, la.
(Guys) A Katerena turn. (Gals) La, la, la, la, la.
A photographer will SNAP you,
And you'll look at us on a page of Vil-i-tus.
Oh, gosh, you'll look so sweet with flounces on your seat,
The Santa Barbara charmer of our Costume Pa--rade!

     From Oklahoma

While there be sheep enough,
Soon as Ciuleandra pays off?
        She forgot to lay the eggs,
        Oh! Sha sha sha.
Soon as off the curb I shot,
Ruin'd a match and Jeffrey's car.
Underneath Zaristra's nose,
Smashed a chair and smooched a goose."
My daddy's soldier's boss.
Ah, shoot, she bought a bus.
Dough feet and dough pie;
Lost Ciuleandra's love, but aye . . .
Got the shock that ruined my lass.
Get the goop! Wake up, you ass!
Doughy feet and dough pie;
Ah, Ciuleandra, I'm a guy.