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  Associate Membership

Please apply for Associate Membership and support Folk Dancing in Southern California!

Associate Membership is open to any individuals or organizations interested in supporting folk dancing and consists of three categories: Individual, Organizations, and Honorary. Associate Membership is not restricted because of race, creed, or color,

Individuals or organizations please submit an Associate Membership application (also available under "Publications") to the person listed below and pay the annual dues required by the Federation.

To apply, send a completed Associate Membership form with a check for the annual dues to:

Mindy Belli
321 S. Vista del Canon
Anaheim, CA 92807

  Individual Associates

  • Gail Adams
  • Mindy Belli
  • Lynn Bingle
  • Lyn Hanson-Miller
  • Steve Himel
  • Jana Julian
  • Margaret Lange
  • Dick Oakes
  • Carl Pilsecker
  • Cricket Raybern
  • Stacy Rose

  Organization Associates

Kolo Festival


Kolo Festival


  Honorary Associates

     All Past Presidents are officially Honorary Associate Members. The names of Past Presidents are listed under the Officers tab. (*=Deceased)

Frances Slater


John Filcich




  Outstanding Service Awardees

     Periodically, the Federation presents the Outstanding Service Award to deserving members. (*=Deceased)

  • Perle Bleadon*
  • Dorothy Daw*
  • Ed Feldman*
  • Sheila Ruby*
  • Dave Slater*
  • Lila Aurich*
  • Steve Himel
  • Dick Oakes
  • Beverly & Irwin Barr*
  • Rick Bingle
  • Ted Martin*
  • Gordon Wall
  • Jay & Jill Michtom
  • Julith Neff