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  Westwood Co-op Folk Dancers Spring Festival 2015 Purpose and Mission

The Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization interested in perpetuating folk dancing of all nations. As outlined in its bylaws, the purposes of the Federation are:

  Benefits of Membership

There are several benefits that accrue to Federation members. These include

  Club Membership

Member clubs in the Folk Dance Federation, South, are located from Santa Maria to the Mexican border. Club Membership in the Federation consists of three categories: Regular, Multiple-Night (or Multiple-Day), and Exhibition. Federation clubs do not restrict membership because of race, creed, or color, and are under adult supervision (small children must be supervised by an adult). Member Clubs must be covered by Dance Insurance, whether provided through the Federation or other insurance sources. A Membership Application Package is available under "Publications."

For additional information about a particular Federation club, please see the Calendar page, or see the latest Folk Dance Scene, or contact the Federation. If you are attending a club for the first time, we suggest that you ask for the club's contact person whom you may reach in case the location, day, or time has changed.

  Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any individuals or organizations interested in supporting folk dancing, and consists of three categories: Individual, Organization, and Honorary (awarded to all Federation Past Presidents and selected individuals). An Associate Membership Application form is available under "Publications."

Please apply for Associate Membership and support Folk Dancing in Southern California!


The Federation supports many folk dance related activities including


The Federation formed a Scholarship Program to develop potential folk dance teachers, leaders, and folk musicians, and to recognize individual members for service to and active participation in the folk dance community. Further information about Federation scholarships may be found on the Scholarship Application form, available under "Publications."