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We are presenting a public display of dances in a public setting. There is no teaching on the videos.

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Ec Ec Hess Kramer 2017  
Edinburgh Jig Hess Kramer  
Eh Oh Brazil Hess Kramer 1994  
El Eloheim Shamayim Hess Kramer 1996  
El Gato Cordobés Statewide 2001  
El Sapo y la Rana Statewide 1989  
Empress One Step Laguna 1993  
Eretz Eretz Fall Camp 2019  
Erev Erev Hess Kramer 2000  
Erev Shabat Hess Kramer 1991  
Esa Enai Hess Kramer 2009  
Eshebo Hess Kramer 1997, Statewide 1998    
Eshkout Hess Kramer 1991  
Etere Laguna 1997  
Eva Three Step Laguna 1993,
    Hess Kramer 1996