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We are presenting a public display of dances in a public setting. There is no teaching on the videos.

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Ha' Tzoani Hess Kramer 2012  
Ha'chinanit Hess Kramer 2001  
Hadoda V'Hadod Statewide 2003  
Haide, Vruta Mea Hess Kramer 2009  
Hakol Yizkor Hess Kramer 2009  
Hameantezet Statewide 1998  
Hambleton's Round O Hess Kramer 2004  
Handel with Care Hess Kramer 2003  
Harmanlijska Râčenica Hess Kramer 2009  
Harsaneek Santa Barbara Symposium 1993  
Haskovsko Hess Kramer 2000  
Hebridean Weaving Lilt Hess Kramer 1995  
Hegi Hess Kramer 2004  
Helenka Hess Kramer 2017  
Hemşin Horonu Statewide 2017  
Hey Gıdı Statewide 2017  
Hey Vala Santa Barbara Symposium 1993  
High Five Hess Kramer 2016  
Hiov Bar Santa Barbara Symposium 1992  
Homecoming, The Hess Kramer 2005  
Hop Ground, The Laguna 2007  
Hora Anton Pan Hess Kramer 1997  
Hora ca la Mahala Hess Kramer 2011  
Hora de Doua Laguna 1995  
Hora de la Bolintin Hess Kramer 2001  
Hora de la Putna Hess Kramer 2012  
Hora de la Soroca Hess Kramer 2005  
Hora de la Tulnici Hess Kramer 2001  
Hora de Miere Hess Kramer 1996  
Hora din Băcau Laguna 2003  
Hora din Campie Hess Kramer 1994  
Hora din Doua Parti Laguna 1992  
Hora din Risipița Hess Kramer 2003  
Hora in Două Parți Hess Kramer 1998  
Hora la Trei Santa Barbara Symposium 1992  
Hora lui Dobrica Laguna 1995  
Hora Mare Hess Kramer 2012  
Hora Mireshi Idyllwild 1990  
Hora Mireșii Idyllwild 1990  
Hora Mugur Mugurel Statewide 2003  
Hora Nuntașilor Hess Kramer 2007  
Hora pe Bataie Hess Kramer 2012  
Hora Ploii Hess Kramer 2012  
Hora Ploii Statewide 2019  
Hora Veche Hess Kramer 2012  
Horseshoe Hess Kramer 1994  
Hully Gully Laguna 2010